Terms and Conditions

Clear Business Terms: Our Recipe for a Worry-Free Ride

  1. Minimum rental period: 14 days.
  2. No smoking in the rental vehicle.
  3. Payment options: Rentals can be paid in advance with debit cards, credit cards, and Twint.
  4. Deposit: A deposit of 500 CHF is required for each reservation.
  5. Condition of the vehicle: The vehicle is handed over in perfect condition. Minor cosmetic defects are accepted by the renter.
  6. Insurance and deductible: All vehicles have liability insurance. Fully comprehensive option reduces the deductible to 500 CHF per claim.
  7. Accident/Damage: Report immediately to the landlord, contact the police. No commitments to third parties. The renter is liable for culpable delays. An accident report must be filled out.
  8. Travel abroad: Allowed in EU countries and some others, complete list available in FAQ. Renter liable for damages in non-permitted countries.
  9. Cancellation: Cancellation up to 30 days before pickup is free, later no refund.
  10. Breakdown assistance: 24-hour breakdown assistance included. Repairs up to CHF 100 can be done without consulting the landlord.
  11. Operating materials: Renters pay for fuel and operating materials during the rental period.
  12. Renters are liable for damages caused by improper handling or violations of their duty of care.
  13. Non-accident related damages: Renters are liable for damages due to operational errors during the rental period.
  14. Maintenance notes: There is no mobility guarantee, maintenance of the vehicles is carried out by Hämmerli Technik in Glarus, Holenstein 21. Only this company is authorized – without written permission, the renter is prohibited from carrying out repairs/maintenance elsewhere.
  15. No technical or visual changes to the vehicle.
  16. Advertising: Landlord may use the vehicle body for advertising.
  17. Early return: An early return does not lead to a reduction in rent.
  18. Rental extensions: Rental extensions are valid only after payment is received by the landlord.
  19. Payment arrears: In case of payment arrears, default interest and collection expenses of 180 CHF apply. For still used rental vehicles, payment arrears also constitute contractually improper use of the vehicle.
  20. Fines: Service charge of 10 CHF for forwarding fines and reminders.
  21. Jurisdiction: Glarus.