Rarely to Never Asked Questions (FAQ).

Rarely to never asked questions about car rental in Switzerland. We created this page just so we can be found by search engines. Apparently with success.

About Us

Who are you?

Not a large corporation and not an insurance company. We are two brothers from Glarus. Learn more about us here.


How do I pick up the car?

You will receive a code via email immediately after making the reservation. With this code, you can retrieve the car key from the key box. This is possible around the clock. Please note that you can only pick up your car if you have fully paid the first month, the deposit, and any additional options.

Where is my car waiting for me?

In Netstal in the Canton of Glarus. 50 minutes from Zurich, 50 minutes from Chur.

Does it also come to me?

Yes, in German-speaking Switzerland we offer a pickup and delivery service for CHF 300. You can select this directly when booking. If you live in the Romandy or Ticino, we are happy to make you an individual offer. Contact us for this.

Price & Costs

What happens if I get a speeding ticket while on the road?

For every fine or reminder that we forward to you, we charge CHF 10.

Why are you so affordable? Is there a catch?

Not really. Unless you want a brand-new car. Our prices are so low because we exclusively rent out used models and repair them in our own garage.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, CHF 500 per car rental.

How much does it cost if I don't return the car with a full tank?

We charge you CHF 30 for refueling plus the cost of the gasoline.

Do you accept Bitcoin and cash?

No, but if you pay in advance with a credit/debit card or Twint, you are welcome to drive our car.

Is really everything included in the price?

At least service, the Swiss motorway vignette, road tax, insurance, and the tires. All fluids in the car are on you.

Can I pay for the car subscription monthly?

Yes, of course. In the first month, you pay the deposit, the first installment, and any additional options. We bill the rest monthly.

Why are used cars so much cheaper to rent?

A new car loses a third of its value in depreciation in the first year. Other rental companies have to compensate for this loss with higher prices. We don't.


How do I return the car?

The same way you picked it up, just in reverse. 5 days before the end of the rental period, you will receive an email from us with detailed instructions.

In what condition would you like the car returned?

Clean and with a full tank.


Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, of course.

Does that cost anything?

You can cancel your booking for free up to 30 days before the takeover. After that, we charge the full price. The more short-notice your cancellation, the higher our risk of not being able to rent the car to someone else.

Who is allowed to drive the car?

In principle, other people can also drive. However, you remain our point of contact and are liable for any damage.

Am I allowed to smoke in the car?

No. This includes cigarettes, joints, and cigars.

Breakdown & Service

What if I have a breakdown?

Stay calm, take a deep breath, and call +41 58 285 28 28. Our insurance is there for you day and night. You will find instructions in the glove compartment.

And in case of an accident?

Contact the police, fill out the blue accident report form in the glove compartment, and report the damage immediately to office@thehireguys.ch.

My car needs a service. What should I do?

You can directly schedule an appointment in your profile under current bookings, which we will confirm immediately.

Rental Conditions

What is the minimum rental period?

Two weeks.

What insurance is included?

A standard liability insurance with a maximum deductible of CHF 3,000. If you want, you can conclude a comprehensive insurance when booking and reduce your deductible to CHF 500 per damage.

No kilometer limit, is that true?

Yes. 😎

What is the maximum rental period?

24 months in the system. If you want one for longer, please contact us directly.


What about the motorway vignette abroad, for example, in Austria?

Those are your responsibility.

Where am I allowed to drive the car?

The insurance is valid for Europe and all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, excluding Kosovo, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. For sea transports, the insurance coverage is not interrupted if the port of departure and destination are within this area.