We are really not difficult.
How easy it is to rent a car:

Select and Pick Up.


You Search.

From when to when do you need which car? Let us show you the right models immediately.


Be briefly amazed at the price.

Yes, it's really that. No, there really is no kilometer limit.


Check your mailbox.

Your access code will be generated immediately after booking. You can find it in your profile or in the booking confirmation you have received via email.


Get in.

Your car will be ready for pickup 24 hours on the day of collection. You can get the key whenever you want, without any waiting time. Or you can arrange a handover location with us (convenient, but unfortunately not free).

How far is it?

Netstal, GL

For CHF 340.– we also deliver and pick up the car throughout German-speaking Switzerland.



Don't worry about maintenance.

Service, the Swiss motorway vignette, traffic tax, and insurance are all included in the price. Just don't forget to occasionally refuel the car.


Drive. Or drive even further.

There is no kilometer limit with us. And if you don't want to return your car yet, you can extend the rental directly through your profile (if possible, of course).


Feel free to cross the border.

With us, you are insured in almost all of Europe. Details can be found in the FAQs.


In case of an emergency, we are there for you.

In case of a breakdown or damage, you can reach our insurance 24/7. You can report a service directly in your profile.



Return the car.

You drive to Netstal and drop the key in the return box. Or we'll get in touch and arrange a pick-up on site.


We like it clean and fully fueled.

Thank you for cleaning the car and refilling the tank.


You also get something back: the deposit.

Within a week, we will credit it to your account.