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Why should you rent a car from us?


Affordable prices. No cheap tricks.

We do not offer brand new cars. Our fleet consists of used cars, which we service and look after in our very own garage.


With us, not everything is included. The gasoline is on you.

No mileage limit, no extra costs for short rentals, no hidden costs: Others call it transparent. For us, it's just obvious.


As you want. Wherever you want. As long as you want.

Whether two weeks or two years: Do what you want. All over Europe. Just make sure you bring the car back to us.

How does car rental work?


You choose a car.


You drive around as much as you want.


You bring it back.

More on the Process

Still not convinced? Here are some facts


Those who book our cars think we're quite good. Over 100 reviews.


Rentals per year

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People from all over Switzerland come to Netstal to pick up their car.

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Personal. There are cars that have more gears than we have heads.

With us, there is no mileage limit, but there is an end to the page. You've reached it now.

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